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Living400lbs: Monthly Roundup

Most-viewed posts from this month:

  1. Who reads a 400lb lady’s blog, anyway?
  2. Health At Every Size “whether you’re 100
  3. Kim Weighs In: Getting Active
  4. Some Things Worth Reading
  5. On the Hamster Wheel

Note this is not counting the perennial favorite Why This Blog is Anonymous, or On Not Coming Out (possibly because October includes National Coming Out Day) and the tabs across the top.

Most commented-on posts this month:

  1. Who reads a 400lb lady’s blog, anyway?
  2. Symptoms of Fat People
  3. On the Hamster Wheel
  4. Health At Every Size “whether you’re 100
  5. Kim Weighs In: Getting Active

…and from the search terms, some things that made me go “hm”:

  • pictures of 300-500lb. females in swimsu
  • in daylight savings time will it dark at
  • daylight savings 2009 darker or lighter
  • names of fat football players in the nfl
  • cpap felt like i was drowning
  • do fat women have sex?
  • how to tell a super obese person not to

I do wonder what the rest of that last one was.  Ah well.  May you all have a good Samhain, All Saints’ Eve, or Halloween, however / whichever you celebrate.

5 responses to “Living400lbs: Monthly Roundup”

  1. I will imagine it was “How to tell a super obese person not to believe all the crap society is telling them, and to go out and live their life the best they can!” Yeah, that’s it. ;-)

  2. I read that last search term as a continuation of the one above, ie. how to tell a super obese person not to have sex. And I thought, “That TOTALLY works. I know when I tell random strangers not to have sex, they completely nod and agree and listen to me!” And then I laughed for a full minute.

  3. Brandi D., you would have made me snort coffee out my nose if only I had been drinking coffee at the time. As things stand, I think I shall giggle for the next couple hours.

  4. “names of fat football players in the nfl” would be an awesome roster but very time consuming to put together since a great lot of them are classified obese by the BMI. Actually, it would be cool if the player’s stat cards that the show during games would have their BMI on it, I bet none of them are under a 27.

    The whole “yeah, but they’re healthy” thing is a great intro to the idea that health is subjective. How healthy are you if you have permanent injuries due to sports? How we define health now is ableist, people with mobility impairments are very frequently shut out of the definition. Many football players end up with mobility problems at the end of their careers, we think of them as healthy while they’re playing, but we rarely think of them once they’re off the field.

    Not to get too serious about a search phrase, but actually being led here by the question isn’t a bad idea.

  5. I am always darkly amused by the “do fat women have sex” questions, or “how do they”, etc. Like – do they need a diagram? I know lots of fat women (including me) who have lots of sex, enjoy it a lot, and don’t seem to have any issues with it except some readjustments to some of the kinkier practices to make them more comfortable. It all still works the same.

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