Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

…and believe me I am still alive

Still here, still working, still good.  Still seeing incremental improvements to my knee.  Just not updating much :)

I have been using a cane.  This is both good and bad.  Good in that the cane helps my balance when my knee decides to not support me.  Bad in that it always takes a hand.  You know how you never know how much you use both hands to carry things until one is out of commission?  Well, in this case the hand (and arm and shoulder) are fine but occupied.

I started using the cane a little over a month ago.  Why?  My knee stopped supporting me—while walking on the office treadmill.  (Scary!) The cane made it easier to balance myself when my knee went “out”.  It also helped support my weight so that my knee could do a bit less work, which made it easier to walk further.  Over time I’ve needed it less and less.   I’m often stiff when I first get out of a chair, but after taking some steps I often don’t really need it to get around the office.

Other things that aggravate my knee is stepping too quickly on a downslope, or when I start to feel fatigued.  The short walks I’ve been doing are flatish but not flat, so I definitely use the can for those.

Today I managed to forget the cane on my way to work.  I realized this as I was turning into the office garage.  Rather than driving all the way home and back, I decided to try doing without it today.  It went better than I expected.  I would stay close to my desk or a wall when I first got up (in case I needed to grab it for support) but over time I was less worried.  I didn’t push my luck by going for a walk, though.

A couple other things:

  • I got my refund for the extra airplane seat I purchased from Alaska Airlines.   I would have been okay with purchasing the extra seat if I hadn’t gotten it refunded, but if they’re willing to give me money (about $400 in this case) I’m quite happy to take it.
  • I loved Fat-o-matic’s take on the gardening myth.  Which reminds me I should prune the roses.

How’s with you?

7 responses to “…and believe me I am still alive”

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re seeing improvements in your knee. And, I can totally understand the frustration of having one hand taken up by the cane. I just started having awful sciatica, and suddenly I can’t carry things in any way that puts more weight on one side than another or else my right hip and buttock locks completely up. I had no idea how much I walked around carrying things hoisted on one hip or slung to one side of my body until I couldn’t do it any more!

    I’m just super-relieved that I have a wonderful OB who I can mention any problems I’ve having to and who will NOT just say it’s because I’m fat (and will realize that the baby laying head-down on my sciatic nerve probably has something to do with it).

  2. In Seattle it’s hard to find flat walks and any sort of knee discomfort is exacerbated by our hills! I’m glad the knee is doing better…and hope it continues to improve.

  3. Glad things are working okay with the cane (and sometimes without). I can’t understand why something better hasn’t become more widely available. There are a lot of people with knee problems,. Why isn’t there a brace you can attach to your thigh with a peg that hits the floor right next to your foot. Why do you have to get your arms involved when you’re not completely lifing a leg off the ground? Seems weird to me.

    I recently had my first appointment at the arthritis clinic for my knee. Welcome to Old, is how having arthritis feels. Still, some stretches and anti-inflammatory cream have made a big difference.

    Best of luck getting better!

  4. I’m so glad to hear that you are doing better. Small steps are the key anyway.

  5. Both of my knees went out on my treadmill. It took me about 5-6 years, and the regaining of almost all of the 152 pounds I had lost from Weight Watchers and intense exercise, but, I had double knee replacements about 3 years ago. The recovery was difficult, I’m not gonna lie. But, I feel a LOT better now. I still weigh over 300 pounds (age 47) and the doctors say that my replacements will not last nearly as long as they would if I lost weight….so, I may be looking at having to do it again in my lifetime. I hope you have at least had your knee checked out by a doctor! They may be able to do something easier than a replacement to help you.

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