A comment I’ve been wondering about for weeks, from “Rich Man Seeking BBW”, in response to a post on bra shopping:

has any women have any lingerie like too sell $200 dollars

So…he’s budgeted $200 for lingerie?  Or he’s willing to pay $200 for lingerie that someone’s worn, which, um, not my thing but not hurting anyone either?  How does this combine with his handle?  “I’ll drop $200 on your lingerie, babe, just think what I’ll spend on you during a weekend in Vegas.”    Or was it originally longer, like “Rich Man Seeking BBW Lingerie” and got cut off or something?

2 thoughts on “Wondering

  1. My wife got an offer like this once. The guy wanted to pay her to send him lingerie he’d worn. We both considered it for a while… hell, free money for sending dirty underwear? But in the end, it just seemed too creepy. Maybe we should have done it. :)


  2. This is why grammar exists, people!

    Especially if your needs are . . . special . . . .and are therefore naturally open (and lord knows no puns are intended here) to misinterpretation anyway.

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