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“Screening for obesity in kids” is NEW?

Wait – “experts urge screening for obesity in kids“?   The tone of the article implies that this is new, that this is something that hasn’t already been done to death, as if kids weren’t being put on diets in grade school 35 years ago.

Oh wait, we’re still fat.  So what are they proposing to do now?  “[D]ietary advice, physical activity, and behavioral counseling to promote weight loss.”  Wow.  Cause, you know, those have never been done before, and dieting isn’t linked to weight gain in adolescents.

So…why is this a headline?  Because it’s January?  The United States Preventive Services Task Force placed a report in the February issue of the Pediatrics and somebody sent out a press release?  Wanted to balance the downer footage from Haiti with something that says “Not to worry, nothing has changed in America, we’re all safe here”?  What?

2 responses to ““Screening for obesity in kids” is NEW?”

  1. What freaks me out even more is emerging talk of taking children out of the home environment for more full fledged intervention. Because yes, taking children away from their parents to make them more civilized has always been such a great idea. *sigh*

    1. …and somehow, and I’m sure it’s just coincidence, the fat children of [currently-] fat parents would be more likely to be removed that the fat children of [currently-] thin parents.

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