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Sleep Eating and Fat Dissolvers

On the one hand, I think it’s great that more sleep research is going on and that it’s possible to treat those who become violent in their sleep or who sleepwalk (or drive).  Busting myths can definitely be a good thing (“violence during the night does not signify lurking aggression.”)  Communicating that yes, some people do eat during their sleep, and it doesn’t necessarily signal a daytime eating disorder, will probably make those who do that feel less alone.  I’m certainly happy to treat my sleep apnea with a CPAP instead of a tracheostomy

On the other hand, I’m just wondering who’s going to be the first to decide that sleepeating is why I’m so fat.

And: I always scoffed at the idea that an injection could dissolve fat, but it’s nice to know the FDA (not the most fat-accepting organization) agrees.

3 responses to “Sleep Eating and Fat Dissolvers”

  1. I’ve always been amazed that anyone thinks that dissolving flesh with chemicals is a good idea…

  2. Thanks for that article on sleep eating. That was fascinating.

  3. […] Sleep Eating and Fat Dissolvers […]

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