April Monthly Round-Up

This is partly for me, and partly to show folks a little of what’s going on “behind the curtain”.  :)

Most popular posts written last month:

  1. Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution”
  2. Kraft Dinner Mix-Ins
  3. Weight loss math isn’t as simple as they thought
  4. Some May Be Thinner Than They Think!
  5. Things I don’t want to share…
  6. Taxes as a metaphor
  7. Sleep Eating and Fat Dissolvers

Most discussed last month:

  1. Kraft Dinner Mix-Ins
  2. Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution”
  3. Virtual Window Shopping: SWAK
  4. Quote of the Day and Thankful Thursday and Virtual Window Shopping: SWAK
  5. Taxes as a metaphor

…and search terms that made me go “huh?”

  • funny woman buys two airline tickets to
  • if you weigh 400 lbs what size are you
  • how to have sex with a fat person
  • isnt wasn’t exercise?
  • cicadasinmay
  • signs and symptoms fatness
  • people were healthier in the 70’s
  • kraft dinner baked beans

Hope May is going well so far!   I had the man of the house singing this all weekend – it’s not work-safe (it’s about having sex outside).

Lyrics here.







4 responses to “April Monthly Round-Up”

  1. O.C. Avatar

    I want “Isn’t wasn’t exercise!” on a t-shirt to wear to the gym. An absurdist t-shirt.

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Ooh, that’s a thought. Kinda wonder if it should be

      Isn’t Wasn’t Exercise

      tho. Or maybe

      isn’t wasn’t exercise

      in e.e. cummings style ;)

  2. jenincanada Avatar

    LOVE that song! It’s been playing at my house since May 1st as well. <3

    1. living400lbs Avatar

      Yes — but we haven’t tried acting it out. That is, we aren’t actually doing it outside. ;)

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