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So, um, hi. How’s your weekend?

At the moment I’m in a fullish coffeehouse listening to Vixy & Tony perform Seanan McGuire‘s Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves :)  I have the remains of my mocha and just finished an openfaced pesto-and-cheddar sandwich.

Earlier I went to the Seattle Sounders game downtown.  Since the man of the house works a little less than a mile from the stadium we can save on parking costs by parking at his office, and thus use the already-paid-for-parking he shares with his carpool.   On the other hand, this means we walk nearly two miles in the course of the game.   It’s soon enough after my last bouts with joint problems that it’s “yay nifty” that I’m not in pain.  I did need my rescue inhaler due to all the smokers getting “one last cig” before the game, but I am glad that was the first time I’ve needed the rescue inhaler in weeks.

(Stop to listen more closely to Proteins and the cello solo.)

I did like this article from The Washington Post on how looks, including sizism, is an active prejudice in American society.

(Laughs as Vixy is presented with dinosaurs to act out Evil Laugh.)

I didn’t like how it referred to looks as “the last acceptable prejudice” because other prejudices — such as those based on race, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity — are still quite active.  Perhaps they really meant it was the last legal prejudice, but discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity is still legal in many places, and size discrimination is illegal in six cities and 1 state.  So I’m not quite sure.  Possibly the author meant it’s the last form of discrimination their friends still think is reasonable.

it is now intermission; I am going to stop playing with the computer now :)

8 responses to “So, um, hi. How’s your weekend?”

  1. Do you know what I think most people mean when they refer to size discrimination being “the last acceptable prejudice”?

    I think they mean that people who would be HORRIFIED to hear racism, sexism, homophobia, etc are happy to make a fat joke, or have some kind of horrible prejudice against fat people. We expect it of the general bigots, they’re hateful about anything different, but those in “polite” society who will talk about how they’re anti-racism/homophobia etc but then turn around to make a bigoted joke/statement about fat people just kind of shock even more.

    I think it feels like in a lot of cases that prejudice against fat people is not bigotry to those who abhor bigotry in other ways.

    Does that make sense?

    1. I think it does make sense. I also think there’s too much discounting of the general bigots and the harm they can cause, though, and that’s the problem I have with calling it “the last acceptable prejudice”.

      I mean, I know I got a lot more unkind looks when I would hold hands with my ex-girlfriend in public than when I hold hands with a man. My weight hasn’t changed — but the gender of the person I’m with, and thus my perceived sexual orientation, has changed. A fat woman holding hands with a fat man does make some people tsk-tsk in my experience, but also in my experience, it’s more acceptable than a fat woman holding hands with another woman.

      1. I agree. It’s not the last acceptable prejudice, it’s just one that otherwise tolerant people still adopt.

  2. Always a good time for Seanan’s music. And did you see that she wrote a fat-accepting post on one of her blogs?

    1. Yup, anti-fat-shaming, about the LB ad that ABC and Fox didn’t want to air. I even replied ;)

  3. “Last acceptable prejudice” tends to mean “prejudice that somehow affects me / draws my attention because as a privileged cis white person* I haven’t personally experienced other big prejudices so I’m just gonna pretend they’re not an issue anymore, and not even consider how offensive my statement is to the lived experiences of PoC, GLBTQ people, etc”.
    It’s such a privilege bingo statement, like, Oh hey, you’ve even gotta use your privilege to make out that your prejudice is the worst ever prejudice, cos you’ve gotta be the most important! Nice!

    * Not in every case but it’s a pretty sure bingo.

  4. Back to that Sounders game you went to — did you have any problem fitting in the seats? If yes, what did you do?

    I want to go see “Jersey Boys”, but know my 370 lb butt is not going to fit in their 17.5″ seats (I emailed them and asked).

    Any suggestions? (Thanks in advance!)

    1. I actually fit in the seats (Qwest field, 100 level) but the arms do not come very far forward at all….

      Do you ever go to older movie theaters with small seats? If you measure them it might give you an idea how you’d fit. But a lot of that has to do with individual body size/shape. For example, I can fit in a 17″ airline seat with the armrests down — but a lot of women who weigh less than I but have wider hipbones can’t.

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