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Music Monday: Nerds Live Inside, Right?

Okay, I did get outside on Saturday. :) Odd how Sunday was one of the longest days this year (nearly 16 hours) and was December-like in its overcast-ness.

Well, in December it would be full dark at 4:30 instead of 9:45.  So there’s that. But there’s a reason people are calling it Juneuary.

So I guess I’m not missing summer staying in the office all day…and now that it’s past 5, I won’t attract as many looks if I accidentally sing along ;)

This is Marian Call singing I’ll Still Be a Geek After Nobody Thinks It’s Chic (The Nerd Anthem) from her album Got to Fly. Using a typewriter as a percussion instrument. ‘Cause, you know, just because I’m paid to sit indoors doing computer-nerd things doesn’t mean I’m not still a geek. ;)

3 responses to “Music Monday: Nerds Live Inside, Right?”

  1. Wow, I love her voice. Thanks for posting this!

    1. I’m glad you liked it! BTW Marian is currently on a 50-state + some provinces tour, so she may be within driving distance of your house ;)

      1. It says she’s “Seeking a show” in Portland…hope she finds one! Unfortunately, I’ll be out camping that weekend!

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