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FYI for Gardeners

This is a mattock:


I might not have needed a mattock to loosen the clay-like soil I just dug up, but it certainly didn’t hurt!   The Keens walking shoes are definitely worth the money on uneven ground, too.  They make walking and squatting in the yard downright easy.

But after an hour of pulling dandelions, loosening soil and mixing in mulch before actually planting the plants I got today, I think…it’s time for a shower.   Bed sounds good too.  Night y’all!

4 responses to “FYI for Gardeners”

  1. Good shoooeesss!!!! Oh my word, GOOOODDDD SHOOOEEESSSSS!!!!

    I’m often pennywise and pound foolish — buying Payless shoes and things like that. I pay for that with hurting feet.

    Applying the Vimes Boots Theory of Socio-Economic Unfairness, I actually bought a really fantastic and expensive pair of sandals that I don’t intend to replace before I’m fifty. Oh my word the change is something else. They’re comfy, I can stand all day and it feels just fine. Shoot, I forget about my feet and hips, and just do my day. I’m remembering this the next time I buy winter shoes, let me tell you what!

    1. The Keens are billed as crosstrainers, but the REI person described them as “light hiking shoes”. They’re not bad on concrete, but the stability really comes out on uneven ground. Like my yard. ;)

  2. I have a bunch of plants to put out (Sky Nursery on Aurora is my DOWNFALL) but it’s so hot, I’m impressed that you were brave enough to go out! I’m staying in until temps drop back into the seventies…

    1. I’m staying in until temps drop back into the seventies…

      So did I! I actually put on the gardening gloves at 8:45pm or so, when it was about 75F outside. :)

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