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Thoughts on the solstice

North star guide my love to me
Through times spent in good company
Smouldering eyes around the fire
With stories tall and spirits higher

Stoke the fire up bright and strong
Verse to verse and song to song
The day grows shorter by the hour
Close the circle
Feel the power

Winter solstice tends to touch me stronger than summer.    I’m grateful to both, since both tell me my SAD won’t get worse.   But winter solstice feels more … there, somehow. Maybe it’s that it accompanies Christmas, or that Seattle is far enough north to get over 15 hours of darkness during the winter solstice. Maybe it’s that many people I know are celebrating a holiday now (I personally have friends who celebrate Hanukkah, Yule, and Christmas, but there are certainly others).

Southern Cross guide family
Chosen or hereditary
See them safe where they may roam
Remind them of the journey home

Rising sun guide future plans
Though life’s strange chaotic dance
Let them truly prove their worth
Of the spark that gave them birth

Setting sun guide memories
Keep them safely here with me
Let them fill the sky with light
Each time I pass from day to night

As memorably argued in this Dykes to Watch Out For strip, the solstices are cyclic — the light returns at one solstice, the dark at another. The solstice isn’t a permanent change. Still, I’m glad to be returning to a more balanced day/night cycle.

Lyrics quoted are from Lifespell, by Chris Conway.  Vixy & Tony performed the song at 2:20:10 in this livestream, dedicated to a friend who had recently passed on.

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