You Know You Have Dust/Pollen/etc Allergies When…

…you feel like you might be getting a cold (congestion, headachy, coughing, tired).  Do you drink tea and put your feet up?  No, you spend Sunday dusting and vacuuming the bedroom, changing the sheets and mattress cover, running the pillows and comforter through the hottest dryer setting to kill dust mites, washing your CPAP mask and hose, swapping in a clean CPAP filter, and otherwise doing your best to minimize allergens.  Oh, and some cleaning in the rest of the house (vacuuming, dusting, etc).

Because if it’s allergies, and not a cold?  This may alleviate (or at least help) the problem.

And if it’s a cold, and not allergies?  Doing allergen-patrol while you still feel up to it will help keep the cold from being compounded by allergies later.






2 responses to “You Know You Have Dust/Pollen/etc Allergies When…”

  1. Shannon Avatar

    Or you could be like me and just sit whining. Which I totally did all day Saturday when they cut the grass at my apartment complex and despite having everything closed, it got in and I sneezed until I”m pretty sure something fell off.

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      Ouch. I’m not quite that bad with grass (touching wood as I type) though I can break out in a rash if I touch it. Mowing requires long sleeves, long pants, long socks – the works.

      (I do feel less congested today but more fatigue and sore throat, so I guess I’m sick but cleaning made my allergies a little better. Or something.)

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