Clarence Clemmons

If you didn’t know who Clarence Clemmons was, well…you’ve got a treat ahead of you.

Clarence was a sax player.  A singer.  The “Big Man”.  He’d played American football in high school and college.  At a reported 6’4″ and 260lbs (or more) he was technically obese, but it wasn’t seen as a failing.   (Partly due, I’m sure, to being a man, and partly due to him being muscular.) He also had a reputation as a storyteller, which he showed in his book Big Man: Real Life & Tall Tales.

But he’s best known for the Springsteen songs he performed classic solos on, like this one.

Clarence recently died of a stroke.  Good-bye, Clarence; you will be missed.






2 responses to “Clarence Clemmons”

  1. Tobey Avatar

    Thanks for mentioning his book–I put a hold on a copy at the library. I listened to “Spirit in the Night” last night. Love the sax in that song.

  2. hopefulandfree Avatar

    the clemmons and browne song brought a smile to my face–what great charisma and
    beautiful energy! thanks for sharing here. have always loved his sax with springsteen, too. clemmons made the instrument seem part of his own body–still gives me chills to hear him play!

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