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… and believe me I am still alive

Thankful Thursday

[an occasional exercise in gratitude]

This is an exercise in reminding of me things to be thankful for, aka, looking for a bright side.  At the moment I’m dealing with my father’s death a few weeks ago.  It’s also been a year since my bout of unemployment ended.

Right now I’m thankful for:

  1. Jobness, at a place where I’m happy and feel productive.
  2. Coworkers’ dogs that come over for pets and sniffs to make me smile during the day.
  3. Allergy meds that let me enjoy playing with the dogs without an itchy rash.
  4. Having a daily routine that supports me getting a steady amount of activity.
  5. New (boring but comfy) shoes ;)
  6. The Fat Nutritionist’s posts on eating, which have been reminding me that it’s good to eat before I’m crashing emotionally.
  7. Being able to sleep.  Yoga and weightlifting are helping here, but I also have ambien when needed.
  8. The man of the house and his support through the last few years.

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