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Music: Alright, okay, I give in

I haven’t done a music post in while, so here’s one.  As mentioned on twitter I went to Norwescon this year.  I liked much of the music in the concerts, but this one by Vixy & Tony touched in me in particular.  It’s not recorded yet.  All I have is a cellphone video someone uploaded to YouTube from the con.

Alright, okay, I give in
I can’t fight and I can’t move and I can’t win
I’m staring at the pages ’til I hate every letter
And there’s always someone else who has already said it better
And the lines all come out crooked and the words are upside-down
And there’s never any room to turn around


Any resemblance to how a blogger might feel (“there’s always someone else who has already said it better”) is, of course, intentional.

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