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Thankful Thursday

Because it can be helpful to think about what’s going right.

1) My carpool.
2) Converting a favorite out-of-print exercise tape to DVD.
3) Allergies doing better.
4) The last book of Mira Grant’s trilogy is out and I loved so much of it. (The titles, in order, are Feed, Deadline, and Blackout. Do read in order.)
5) My boss is pleased with my work. This makes me happy.
6) That the other worlds I visit in books can take me out of myself.
7) The man of the house, who reminds me to eat and gives me backrubs when I feel low.

2 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Phyllis Jeans Avatar
    Phyllis Jeans

    Your man will give you backrubs? Can I borrow him?

  2. I just ordered a sample of Feed for my kindle on your recommendation. Will buy it if it looks like my kind of thing :)

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