Fitness Quote Of The Day

The latest study adds to mounting evidence that a sedentary lifestyle may trump obesity as a corrosive influence on health. In recent years, researchers have found that exercise, even when not accompanied by weight loss, powerfully affects a range of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Many clinicians and researchers complain that this message — that while it’s ideal to be lean, it’s possible to be fat and fit — has gotten short shrift amid the national furor over obesity.
LA Times






5 responses to “Fitness Quote Of The Day”

  1. Irmelinis Avatar

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Patsy Nevins Avatar

    Good points, though I just LOVE that little qualifier from the clinicians…that it is ‘ideal’ to be lean. Interesting, then, that, as we age (an area of interest to me at age 63) we tend to handle life’s health challenges & live longer if we are fat than if we are lean. Study after study has shown that, among those of us who are physically active, there is virtually no difference in health or life expectancy between fat & thin, so I assume that, as always, it is ‘ideal’ to be lean because we live in a culture that says so.

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      Agreed on the “ideal” mention. People tend to idealize those who are young and tall, too, and we know not everybody’s 22 and 6′!

      1. bj1980 Avatar

        Makes it sound like . . . if weight control is a game show, Fit Fattie would be the toaster oven you get for second place.

        1. closetpuritan Avatar

          Exactly! (For all those carbs we eat, of course.)

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