Operation (de-)Dust Mite a Success

The quest to cut down dust mites in our bedroom was a success.  I woke up Monday morning without a headache and without needing to blow my nose.  I hadn’t noticed these symptoms much until they were gone, but they were.  Even better, I seemed better able to handle other asthma triggers the rest of the day.  It was even better than the additional meds (Flonase and Spiriva) had been alone.

Today I again washed the bedclothes in hot water.  I didn’t wash the comforter, but it did get a spin in the max-heat dryer, which kills dust mites as well.  Yesterday I did more thorough cleaning in the living room than I had in months.

Amazing how breathing better makes all the difference.

3 thoughts on “Operation (de-)Dust Mite a Success

  1. YES! *FIST PUMP* I am so glad the bed room fixes worked for you. I also felt much better when I got my own bedroom less dust mited. I am also on Flonase and it is wonderful.

    I still have to remember to take Fexofenadine when I am cleaning dusty stuff or I get a headache, but that is no big deal.

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