Music Monday

I feel a whispered welcome when I come home to the land
Where the bridges tread the water and the driftwood paves the sand
Where the lakes are clad in diamonds like the mirrors of a queen
And the skyline is a living thing of forever evergreen
— from Emerald Green by Vixy & Tony

520 bridge facing west
This song is a love song to the Northwest, and yes, bridges do tread the water here, and the driftwood can pave the sand.  I joke that I can’t move “because the moss on my back might dry out and die”.   I was born in Seattle.  I may live somewhere else for a time, but this is home.

The photo at right is of a floating bridge I frequently take.  The photo is looking west at north Seattle and the Olympics.






5 responses to “Music Monday”

  1. JeninCanada Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s a gorgeous song. I’m newish to the NorthWest and falling love with it (despite the cloudy, long winters).

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      Yeah, we get more overcast days here than a lot of places that get more rain! Oh, and we’re pretty far north so the sun sets about 4pm now. It’s a little better than the UK.

  2. cutecuddlysarcastic Avatar

    I have not (yet) been to Seattle, and had never before heard of a floating bridge. So thank you for enlightening me today!

  3. tehomet Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this. Love the lyrics. Also your new layout!

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