Who Cares What Ina Garten Weighs?

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Also, I believe it’s “what to do when you’re sore”

According to my blog stats, a lot of people get to this site by searching about what Ina Garten (aka The Barefoot Contessa) weighs.  Specifically.

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  • how much does ina garten weigh
  • ina garten weight problem
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So, to those who are curious, I say this:

I don’t know what she weighs. I don’t care what she weighs.  It’s her business to decide whether to weigh herself and whether to tell anyone.

(I wrote about Ina’s show previously.)






5 responses to “Who Cares What Ina Garten Weighs?”

  1. Twistie Avatar

    As with most food/cooking personalities, what I care most about is how her food tastes. In a moderately close second, I care about how she presents said food.

    I own several of her cookbooks, and find that her recipes taste as good as they look on television, while being easy enough to cook to make several of them regular sights on the dinner table.

    As for how she presents the food, I love the relaxed atmosphere, the fact that the people she feeds on her show are the people she loves and spends her days with, and the genuine delight she takes in the sensual aspects of food and cooking.

    What’s more, I’ve never once heard her apologize for enjoying a rich dish or recommend substitutions to help viewers lose weight. If she’s making a cake, she makes a cake and appreciates the fine qualities thereof. If she’s making a salad, she makes a salad and appreciates its fine qualities. Each is enjoyed for its own flavors, textures, aromas, and visual appeal.

    Add it all up, and Ina Garten is my idea of a great cooking teacher.

    Of course it doesn’t hurt that she reminds me strongly of my mother, who taught me to cook and to love all kinds of food.

  2. Patsy Nevins Avatar

    Many people seriously need to get a life & our culture seriously needs to get over the belief that body size has anything to do with human worth or with anything in the world which is really important. You must have a pretty easy life if you can find time to worry about how much a celebrity chef weighs.

    I also neither know nor care how much Ina weighs. I appreciate the fact that she does not spend half of her camera time doing Rachael Rays…yapping almost incessantly about food being ‘waistband friendly’, ‘figure-friendly’, &, from a woman who never went beyond high school & makes it plain by the things she says knows nothing about nutrition, ‘healthy’, which, in her lexicon, usually means low fat or low calorie. Ina cooks, she loves food, she loves her friends, she lives a privileged life, but she sticks to what she is there to do. Good for her.

  3. The Real Cie Avatar
    The Real Cie

    Anybody who’s looking to find out what someone weighs is likely doing it so they can have a sense of superiority over that person. It’s absolutely pathetic.

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  5. Barbara Taylor Avatar
    Barbara Taylor

    Doesn’t matter about Ina’s size. She seems to be a wonderful person and she is an excellent cook. She is bright, funny, smart. She rocks!

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