Thankful Thursday

[An occasional exercise in gratitude.]

1) Getting things done at work.

2) Realized I was feeling a bit fuzzy-headed and tired everytime I took my SSRI.  Being able to notice this sort of thing is somewhat new. 

3) Successfully tapered down to a low dose without problems.  (Why? It’s been nearly two years since I started on them again, I wasn’t having symptoms, and seeing if it would get rid of the tired/fuzzy feeling.)

4) I am feeling less tired these days.  May also be due to Seattle getting more than 12 hours of daylight again, but good is good. :)

5) Feeling better about my parents and moving on.  Grief is a process and I seem to have moved to a less-fraught stage. 

6) Asthma meds. For breathing!!!

7) Coworkers who are patient as I learn new skills.

8) The man of the house, who improves my life in so many ways. 

What is good in your life today?






6 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. tehomet Avatar

    1) Went for my usual walk and realised that it was now easy. I will increase the distance next time. Plus it lashed rain today, but only when I’d got back to the house.

    2) Had coffee with a friend with who’d been away travelling for a couple of years. Was nervous that we’d grown apart despite email contact, but it was like she’d never been away and we got on like a successful bit of arson.

    3) Went through my to do list like grain through a goose, and actually got everything on it done (for once).


    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      Cool! I am working on that todo list too :)

  2. Twistie Avatar

    Not only have I managed not to kill off my poor little blood orange tree that I’ve had for a year and change (seriously, I’ve killed cacti by not watering them enough; plants take one look at me, curl up and die), IT HAS FIVE BLOSSOMS!!! If I keep up at this rate, I may yet have delicious blood oranges one day. Plus I managed to unearth my copy of Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Pie and Pastry Bible, which has a recipe for blood orange curd. Can’t wait to try that out!

    Had to raise my fundraising goal for Relay for Life a second time, because I met it again. It feels good to raise money for a cause that matters to me. I lost three amazing people in my family to cancer, so I love working to save others who get the diagnosis.

    The neighbor kid mowed the lawn for us today, just for something to do. Have I mentioned lately that I have the best neighbors in the world? Because I do.

    In the past three weeks, I’ve gotten to see live performances by terrific local theater groups. I love live theater, and both shows were tremendously good.

    Sometimes, life is just gooood.

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