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Thankful Thursday

[An occasional exercise in gratitude.]

It’s Thursday.  I made it to Thursday.

Monday I took 5 hours out of my day for a training class on interviews (with a special focus on behavioral interviewing, joy) followed by working late. Then my carpool buddy and I drove to the 1 post office still open so he could drop off his tax extension.

Tuesday I conducted two 1-hour interviews and a half-hour informational interview and, again, working late while carpool buddy was a morale event. By the end of the day I felt like my brains were mush.

Wednesday I had no meetings, no interviews, just work. One of my team members was out, but I still got lots done, including figuring out a bit of code that delighted me.

Today, Thursday, I had multiple meetings, including my annual performance review discussion with my boss.  Since I’d been promoted to management I had an idea it would go well, and it did. I got a raise, some stock, and a renewed sense of impostor syndrome. Also a feeling of “now what?”

….and then it was off to the Fairmont hotel for dinner with the man of house at his company’s quarterly dinner thing.

I’m grateful that what started as a temp job just over 2 years ago has turned into a place where I’m comfortable, liked, and rewarded.

I’m grateful that my boss and coworkers appreciate me.

I’m grateful that I can direct the raise into saving for emergencies.

I’m grateful that I can go back to work tomorrow and maybe have a normal day. ;)

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