A Periodic Welcome Post

Welcome!  Hello and thank you for reading this blog.  This post is to explain some things so’s to avoid confusing newbies.

What’s this blog?

I started this blog to have a place to talk about fat acceptance and how my life is and isn’t affected by being very fat.  Some notable sub-sections are the “Day in the Life” section and my posts on exercise.

Do you look like the really fat people used to illustrate stories about overweight folks? 

Yes, even though most fat people are MUCH thinner than I.

Aren’t people your size common these days?

Not really, no.

Are you trying to lose weight?

I’m not trying to manipulate my weight up or down.

Why not?

Because losing weight doesn’t work long-term for most people. Including me.

Well, fat is okay if you’re healthy, but —


But what about health issues caused by being fat?

There are no health issues that only fat people have, which makes it hard to believe that weight alone causes them or that losing weight is the only treatment.  And, losing weight doesn’t work long-term for most people. Including me.

But you agree that if someone is REALLY, REALLY fat then they really SHOULD lose weight, right? 


Fat acceptance?  Tell me more. 

Fat acceptance, as implied by “fat” and “acceptance” being together like that, is about accepting body diversity instead of focusing on weight loss.  On a societal level it’s about fighting weight discrimination and encouraging lawmakers and public health officials to stop the emphasis on weight.  More info is here.

Do you have a job? You were posting about interviewing.  What’s the story? 

I was “let go”, aka fired, from my software job in October 2010.  I started a temp job in March 2011, converted to a perm employee in December 2011, and was promoted in March 2013.  The new job pays me significantly better, I feel more comfortable in the work culture, & it has a more walkable workplace than the old job.  I consider it a win.

What’s the deal with your father? You were posting about him, now you’re not. 

In the summer of 2010 I realized that my father was drinking to excess again and seemed to be having trouble coping with life.  In 2011 I became concerned that he was weakening physically (and in denial).  I called social services to help convince my father he needed help.  He was hospitalized that spring and diagnosed with bladder cancer, dementia, and decreased kidney function.  I took over managing his care, his money, and selling his house.  He died in March 2012. I am still dealing with his estate.

And your mom?

Mom died over 5 years ago.

Anything else? 

I’ve lived in or near Seattle, Washington for all my life.  I studied computer science in college and work in software.  I’m white, married, bisexual, middle aged, wear glasses, sleep with a bite guard and CPAP, sunburn easily, and have naturally curly hair.  I drive an 11-year-old Prius.  I play computer games like Freecell, Simcity, and Tropico. I’m an only child and not really close to my remaining birth relatives.  I have asthmasleep apneavitamin B12 and D deficienciessome arthritis in my knees,  “light bladder leakage”astigmatism, and a history of depression.



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3 responses to “A Periodic Welcome Post”

  1. fatfeministactivistart Avatar

    Nice to meet you, thanks for sharing!

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      You’re welcome!

  2. Angela Jennings Avatar

    Wow. I’ve never really entertained the idea of being happy with the body I’m in. I’m usually trying to change it to fit into someone else’s idea. Thanks for the honesty. It is refreshing!

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