Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

I’m a grownup, right?

Forty-seven years old.

Working in software (not rocket science, but involves brains) over 20 years.

Employed and promoted by a company that prides itself on “hiring and promoting the best.”

Have been taking various meds for allergies for over 30 years.

….so why did I forget the Flonase again???

(I’m sure it has nothing to do with flonase being a nose spray, which I inhale better after my shower, vs the other morning meds which I have trained myself to take right after getting up. Nope. :P )

6 responses to “I’m a grownup, right?”

  1. Phyllis Jeans Avatar
    Phyllis Jeans

    I would try putting the Flonase next to the toothpaste for a few days to see if it helps you remember. I occasionally forget to take my insulin and boy, if that’s not a mess!

    1. That’s a thought. Or next to the blow dryer :) Generally I can cope without flonase using sudafed, but sudafed raises my blood pressure.

  2. I forgot my flonase for months until my allergies got so bad. And now I’ve lost it!

    1. Oy! Can you get another?

      Mostly I get sinus pressure & headaches without it.

      1. I get the pressure and all my glands get swollen and soar. I have to tear apart m bedroom tonight to find it. It’s there somewhere…

  3. Yes, this is so wrong. The way things are supposed to work is:
    1) think carefully about the problem and figure out exactly what you want to do
    2) write a program that does it and set up a cron job
    3) never give the matter another thought, just forget about it since it is automatically being taken care off.
    So what’s the problem here? The algorithm has been DECIDED. It should be DONE. Why is it not done?? Human nature fail. I must have the syntax wrong for human brain cron jobs. They just don’t seem to be executing.

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