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Why It’s Okay To Be Fat: TedX talk from Golda Poretsky

Golda Poretsky of BodyLoveWellness did a TedX talk on why it’s okay to be fat.

Here’s a link to the chart she shows on weight and longevity, along with the full text of the paper it’s from.

4 responses to “Why It’s Okay To Be Fat: TedX talk from Golda Poretsky”

  1. Awesome. Awesome and a half. The only thing I dislike is that the NHANES III study is so frequently cited by researchers, I’m worried that any measurement error in it would be bad for this study and several of the others cited in the Junkfoodscience blog. I wish health care researchers had more large population long term studies to draw upon.

    I just shared this to Facebook. Thanks for sharing it.

    (Oh, minor editing note: your link text says “Gold Poretsky” instead of “Golda Poretsky.”)

  2. Thank you for this! Just when I needed to hear this message!

  3. So impressed with this talk. Thank you for the link. ‘All dieting is yo-yo dieting.’ How true.

  4. […] Why It’s Okay To Be Fat: TedX talk from Golda Poretsky | Living ~400lbs. […]

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