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Itch, Itch, Itch

Ever use a long-handled bath brush to scrub your back?

Swap the brush for a dense sponge, and that’s basically the long-handled lotion applicator I got from Amazon. This morning I used it to put Aveeno anti-itch lotion on the itchy spot on the middle of my back. At bedtime I decided to try Benadryl cream – it’s definitely helping.

Part of me feels weird to use a lotion applicator (I can’t just reach?)  Yet bath brushes – which reach the same areas – are a bath staple. Strange what seems normal sometimes.

In the meantime, the itch is subsiding and I think I can sleep.

2022 update: has a long-handled tool with multiple heads – sponge, brush, etc.

6 responses to “Itch, Itch, Itch”

  1. I have an itchy spot in the middle of my back too! I can *just* reach it (I have to really bend my arm to get it though), and it’s not bad enough to medicate, but it is puzzling. I’ve had it for months. I seem to have a “traveling itchy spot”. For a long time it was between the 1st and 2nd fingers of my right hand, then it moved to my right hip for a while, and now it’s in the middle of my back.

    1. I have dry skin, so just moisturizing works for me most of the time.

  2. I used to get a recurrent itchy patch on my back. And then, because I had other skin problems at the time, I started using unscented shampoo. And that, believe it or not, solved the problem for me.

    I also am amused by the fact that in many cultures, it’s completely routine to have specific backscratchers, often made from wood, often beautifully carved.

  3. One summer, I burned the crap out of my entire back and couldn’t reach the very middle of it by myself. I was too poor to buy any sort of official applicator, so I put a couple of those “air bags” that come in Lane Bryant push-up bras into a ziploc bag, taped the whole thing to a long ruler and used that to put aloe and lotion on the burn for weeks.

    1. I’ve put lotion on a washcloth and used it as an applicator.

  4. […] and hands.  Basically if it itches or feels dry, it’s getting moisturized before I dress.  The long-handled lotion applicator is still my […]

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