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Things that won’t necessarily prevent fatness

Things that don’t necessarily prevent long-term child or adult obesity:

Just something to think about.

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    My son, who is pre-med, goes into paroxysms whenever he hears this theory that children should be basically placed on a low-fat diet by the time they’re two years old. Except in very rare cases, this isn’t true. As my son points out, young children need fats to help with neurological development. Whole milk is certainly not going to hurt them, unless they’re lactose intolerant.
    Personally, I prefer whole milk yogurt to the low fat stuff. It’s more satisfying.

    1. I freak out about that, too. It seems like people who should know better — doctors! — are forgetting everything they ever learned about child development to concentrate on their fat panic.

  2. Please tell me, Cie, where you find whole milk yogurt. I love yogurt & cannot find anything where I live which is not lowfat or fat free.

    And I can pretty much testify to all the things listed from personal exercise. I have tried dieting, made me fatter. I have exercised all my life, including several long periods of exercising four hours every day…didn’t make me thin & made me fatter as I cut back to an hour or so of exercise daily ^& rebounded from compulsive exercise. I have two sons…the first, who was bottlefed, inherited the genes of his thin grandfather; the younger, whom I breastfed for nearly three years, is a big, tall, fat man. They were raised by the same mother, fed the same foods, both lived with me in mostly second floor apartments so that climbing stairs was a daily activity. We never had a car, neither my husband nor I ever had a license, we do & did walk everywhere. My husband spent nearly 50 years doing hard physical work 8-10 hours per day & walking 3-4 miles to & from work, as well as walking on days off. Now that we are retired, we both walk daily. Fat, both of us.

    1. I have been using Astro brand Greek yoghurt (it comes in 10% and 0% fat), and the iögo brand lactose free vanilla yoghurt (they also have strawberry and plain now) which is 2.5%-3% (the fat and protein are almost equal in weight per “serving”).

      As for the money saving, in some stores the new homo milk (only one brand makes it in western canada) is cheaper than all the other milks. There is also 10% cream and 35% cream in the LF varieties.

  3. I forgot to mention, we started buying skim or 1% milk years ago to save money & still buy it most of the time because my husband came to prefer the taste, so that one also does not hold up.

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