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Quote of the day: Easier to get fit than thin

Not that everyone has to want to be fit or can be fit, but for those who exercise and don’t lose weight, this might be helpful.

[Deb Burgard, Ph.D. points out that] fat people who repeatedly try to lose weight are more likely to yo-yo diet, or weight-cycle, than they are to maintain weight loss permanently. And because weight-cycling has been linked to cardiac disease and other problems, overweight people who are metabolically healthy could increase their risks of the very diseases they tried to avoid in the first place if they lose weight and gain it back again.

The takeaway for fat people? Keep on trucking when it comes to increasing your physical activity, and don’t get discouraged by headlines that seem to make weight the single determining factor in living a long, healthy life.

“It’s much easier to get a fat person fit than it is to get a fat person thin,” concluded Gaesser. And that’s a good thing, because fitness may be much more rewarding than thinness alone.

— From a Huffington Post discussion of a new “But fat people are so unhealthy” study.

One response to “Quote of the day: Easier to get fit than thin”

  1. Through Herculean efforts, my father managed to lose 60 or so pounds, and he’s kept most of it off over a year. I hope he hasn’t shortened his life span with his misguided attempt to live healthier. He eats like a monk, too, which is consistent with what we’ve seen – fat people who lose weight end up with slower metabolisms than people of the same weight that never dieted.

    Discussing this with most people is a total waste. Inevitably they interject “but fat people would still be healthier if they lost the weight”. I’ve mostly given up trying to explain that this bit of conventional wisdom is wrong, it’s like arguing with zealots – except in this case, the majority of the population are zealots in the Church of Diets.

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