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Anybody watch the Bill Cunningham show?

This came in as a comment:

CW network national daytime talk show is looking for BIG people with BIG personalities who are fighting with a family member and need the insults to stop! Must be in conflict with a family member/partner and be available April 30th-May 1st!!! If selected you will receive an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY!!!!

CALL OR TEXT THE SHOW’S PRODUCERS TODAY: 646-701-3207 OR 646-853-0549

***You must be in conflict with a family member/loved one due to weight***

Why do I think this is looking to turn into a family screaming / “intervention” and “Yes I will rededicate myself to becoming thin!!!” cryfest?

2 responses to “Anybody watch the Bill Cunningham show?”

  1. Probably because that’s the intent of the producers.

    They’ll be happiest if somebody throws a chair… preferably a fat ‘out of control’ person just before dissolving into sobs and begging for help getting thin.

    Screw that.

  2. God help the fat person who signs up for that one. If I was still in contact with my narcissitic mother and was crazy enough to go on a show like that, she’d make it all about her and what a “burden” I was for being so fat in the first place. I hate when they show fat people crying and breaking down and apologizing just for existing.

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