Norwescon Panel Discussions

Like many fan conventions, Norwescon has lots of panel discussions.  There are many areas of focus, including not just sci fi & fantasy but science, space, writing, art, movies, indie filmmaking, gaming, costuming, music, and the culture of fandom.  This year, some of the panels included were:

  • Feminism in Fandom
  • Size Acceptance is for Every Body
  • Health At Every Size
  • Cosplaying while Fat
  •  The Bechdel Test
  • Escher Girls and The Hawkeye Initiative
  • Cosplay is Not Consent

I did not make it to all of these, but I do mention them as a sampling of things you might not think would land in a scifi convention.  The truth is that cons vary. If there’s interest, a con may include it.  Wiscon is a consciously feminist convention, but it’s not the only one to address these sorts of topics. Norwescon has been blessed the last few years to have the creator of organizing the fannish culture panels.






3 responses to “Norwescon Panel Discussions”

  1. Mike S. Avatar
    Mike S.

    Cool. I would have attended “Cosplaying while Fat” and maybe “Cosplay is Not Consent”. I never did Cosplay, I think I would enjoy it, but all of the male roles I would love to imitate require the physique of Adonis.

    As for “Cosplay is Not Consent”, I just want to pick up tips for letting people know a costume looks good without making them uncomfortable.

    1. G Avatar

      Hi Mike, just wanted to offer some suggestions for complimenting cosplayers– just keep it simple and keep it moving. Something along the lines of “You look great! I love $character.” is fine. And then keep it moving– the cosplayer may say thanks or smile back but no other response is owed to you, so carry on with your con-ing.

      This works well for offering compliments out in the real world, too.

      1. Mike S. Avatar
        Mike S.

        G, thank you. That makes sense to me.

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