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Buy Nothing Day

I am not a huge fan of Buy Nothing Day.  Not because I feel it’s important to shop today.  But because the campaign presupposes that everyone in the US who doesn’t subscribe to the “Buy Nothing Day” ideal WILL be buying things on Friday.


Some of us don’t have Friday off work.

Some of us don’t celebrate a gift-giving holiday soon.

Some of us have already finished our holiday shopping.

Some of us don’t give a lot of a gifts.

Some of us don’t have the money.

Some of us don’t like crowds.

Some of us … shock, gasp … just don’t really care.  

I’ve also seen tweets pointing out that not buying things on Friday will harm retail workers.  Maybe it will, maybe it won’t.  Still, I’m (probably) going to work a 10-hour day instead of buying things I don’t want or need.

2 responses to “Buy Nothing Day”

  1. I usually feel meh about Buy Nothing Day for about the same reasons, but this year it’s being linked to racial justice–black organizations have called for a boycott of major retailers on Black Friday, and a redirection of money toward black-owned businesses. You can read more about it here:

  2. I worked today, too! Only an 8 hour day, though.

    I think that observing Buy Nothing Day would only hurt retail workers in the event that people didn’t make up for it on a different day. I know that supposedly, being open on Thanksgiving doesn’t affect sales if everyone’s doing it vs. no one’s doing it, but if one company is doing it the ones who aren’t open risk losing business to that company.

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