December Again

Reviewing old posts tells me that in December 2010 I was unemployed and job hunting. Now I’m unemployed and not job hunting.  In a lot of ways I’m resting now, catching up on day to day.  I’ve been cooking again.  I’ve been sorting through clothes and fighting my “but I might never find this again and what if my body size changes?” reactions to actually part with some of them. And, of course, I’m working with a specialist on why I’m so short of breath all the time.

Life goes on. :)






2 responses to “December Again”

  1. Andrea Fuehrer Avatar
    Andrea Fuehrer

    I’m about your size. I’ve had shortness of breath since May. After much testing, I had a CT-A scan that showed pulmonary embolisms. I also had an ultrasound on my legs since most blood clots come from there. Sure enough, I have a large blood clot from my knee to my groin on one leg. I’m on blood thinners now. Leg swelling has decreased a great deal and I’m feeling much better. I hope you find what is causing your shortness of breath soon.

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for the reply. I had a PE, but that’s been resolved, and I’m on blood thinners as well. I also have venous insufficiency in my leg (a one-way valve isn’t) so I’m wearing compression stockings to improve blood flow. My calves have reduced in size too.


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