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Happy Saturday

In no particular order:

My household continues to abide without strife, hooray.

I appear to have hit on a balance for strength training and stretching that keeps my knees happy and doesn’t disappoint my back or hips or anything. else.  Yay.

My state, Washington, has decided to start vaccinating more non-frontline workers who are under 65, and even to count comorbidities, so I may be vaccinated sometime in April. Hooray.

Washington state is also reopening indoor dining again. This was greeted with sighs and “Again?” and “That’s dumb” in my household.

I acquired and read Seanan McGuire’s new InCryptid novel, Calculated Risks. Recommended but makes the most sense if you have read the other books.

We’ve been watching the Australian “Miss Fisher’s Mysteries” of late. I appreciate that the attention to detail includes 1928 laws regarding women, along with how nearly everyone 30 or above was affected by The War (or as we would call it, World War I).  I’ve also read a few more of the Phryne Fisher books by Kerry Greenwood.

Sadly, I am dealing with more acid reflux these days. I’m not sure if it’s stress or what, but I am making some changes as a result.

2 responses to “Happy Saturday”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the reflux. I developed reflux about a year ago, and after a few months of trial and error I determined I had become lactose intolerant. After three weeks off dairy, I was fine.

    I love the “Miss Fisher’s Mysteries” show, would you recommend the books?

    1. So far it’s mostly Chinese food :( But we will see!

      In books: I first read “Cocaine Blues”, the first book, as “Death By Misadventure” back in the 90s. (Seriously they changed the title in the US). Then I couldn’t find any Kerry Greenwood books! Now that the TV show exists and Amazon exists, I’ve been using ebooks. Anyway I suggest “Cocaine Blues” and “Flying Too High” to start, which are the first and second books, and introduce all the characters. :)

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