Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

September 1, 2008

That’s when I started this blog. At the time I was in my (early) forties, married, owned a home, and worked in software testing.

Now I’m definitely in my fifties. I’m still married. We have a different home. I retired from the software grind. Instead of busing or driving to an office building, I’ve been focused on physical therapy exercises, house maintenance, and reading (this year’s project was Agatha Christie). But I also still weigh about 400lbs, still wear some of the same clothes, and it’s still not a tragedy.

Going forward I’m going to be updating some broken links, revisit the “Day In The Life” series, and … maybe … unpacking some of the lingering boxes from the house move 5 years ago. (I want my red-and-black hoodie back.)


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Former software tester, now retired heart patient having fun and working on building endurance and strength. See also About page.

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