Category: Interviews

  • Carol Gwenn Interview

    Carol emailed me after I mentioned BBW Magazine in a post to tell me she used to write for it!  I asked her to do an interview as someone who’s been around fat acceptance since the 70s… Q: How would you introduce yourself? I’m Carol Gwenn, former writer and lifelong big person. I’ve had numerous […]

  • Barry Deutsch Interview

    I first encountered Barry at via “Alas, a Blog“, which led me to his political cartoon site Lefty Cartoons and Twitter. Q: How would you introduce yourself?  I’m Barry Deutsch, a cartoonist who does graphic novels and political cartoons. I sometimes do political cartoons with fat acceptance themes (and I want to do more). I’ve been very […]

  • New Series – Interviews

    I’ve started interviewing fellow fats to include here.  But, if I’m going to ask others to do this, I thought it might be best if I did as well.  So… Q: How would you introduce yourself? Hi, I’m Jen. I’ve been writing here about being fat since September 2008. There are linked Twitter and Tumblr […]