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Fillyjonk at Shapely Prose reminded me today of one of the immediate inspirations for this blog: Lesley at Fatshionista’s post “THIS IS 300: Taking Pictures, Being Personal, & Weighing 300 Pounds“.

One thing that reading some obesity research has given me is to realize that yes, I am an oddity (and there’s nothing wrong with that :)  MOST people who are obese are shaped more like Kate Harding or Fillyjonk than me. Then there’s the whole “overweight” category, including Sweet Machine.

But that also means there’s probably people curious about what it’s like to weigh 300 or 400lbs, or who have no idea what 300 or 400lbs looks like.  I thought Lesley’s “This is 300” post was a great step in addressing those questions.  This blog is my response :)

4 responses to “Inspiration”

  1. This is a great blog, I am really enjoying it. :)

  2. Thanks Rebecca! I’m glad to hear it :)

  3. First comment whoo!!!

    Like Lesley, I also weigh over 300, and it seems that 300 is the number where “confined to your bed/can’t move” fat starts for the media, some in the medical community, and just plain everyone else not educated on fat if you know what I mean. I’m glad we’ve got Lesley and you and the few others who are 300 and up sharing their stories to prove to society that we can function and live normal lives at higher weights.

  4. I also was inspired by Lesley, I love looking at her wonderful pictures, and she has such a great style of writing. I first got into being fat positive in the early 80s but you can get worn down and out and it takes a lot of energy just to get up and live every day at 375 lbs, and it isn’t just a fatphobic society (just!) but stuff everyone struggles with. Anyway, I enjoy your blog!

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