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  • QOTD

    This isn’t a Christian blog per se, but I loved this so much I want to share it. From a comment by Ursula L on Rachel Held Evans’ blog: When I see Christian churches treat women as second class, and QUILTBAG people as second class, the inevitable and obvious conclusion is that Christianity is a discriminatory… Continue reading

  • On Criticism

    Criticism of someone’s work is totally fair game, in public or private. Examples: I criticize weight loss methods. (Not news to many of you.) I enjoy the (many-years-running) deconstruction of the World’s Worst Books. It is also probably obvious that I have no problem with publishing and promoting one’s criticism, if you wish.  Academics are… Continue reading

  • Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding can  help others improve their lives, like: Marissa Alexander defense fundraiser Contributing to help Michelle from The Fat Nutritionist become Registered Dietitian. It also creates neat things – some I’ve contributed to have created things like recording “Release The Cello” or (….and pretty much The Doublclicks’ next year.…) Another interesting campaign right now is Fattitude: A Body Positive… Continue reading

  • N Things Make a Post

    Thanks to This Is Thin Privilege for the shout-out. Jeanette took on the “Obese women get only an hour of exercise a year” thing. …as did This is Thin Privilege. …as did Marilyn Wann and many commenters on Facebook (signin needed). On a personal note, my allergies are bothering me much less since Sunday.  Why? I… Continue reading

  • #fatmicroaggressions

    [Content warning: criticism of fat shaming] Melissa McEwan at Shakesville started the #fatmicroaggressions tag on Twitter.   (If you’re not familiar, “microaggression” is the concept that specific interactions between those of different races, cultures, or genders can be interpreted as small acts of mostly non-physical aggression; the term was coined byChester M. Pierce in 1970.  I am most… Continue reading

  • Things I’m reading

    Kath as a post at Fat Heffalump on the feedback from her recent interview by Jasmin Lill on, Brisbane blogger speaks out against online bullies. Go Kath! Closet Puritan has a thoughtful response to some of the conflation between “Fat people are more common in communities with a Walmart” and “Eating more processed food from Walmart makes… Continue reading

  • Music Monday: I Made My Bed & I Sleep Like A Baby

    This song’s been around for quite a while now, but given the ongoing death threats going around the net it seems a bit timely. And how in the world Can the words that I said Send somebody so over the edge That they’d write me a letter Saying that I better shut up and sing Or… Continue reading

  • Opting Out Of The Illusion Of Immortality

    Deb Burgard has a terrific post on the latest “being fat makes you die, damnit” study.  Masters’ central argument seems to be that even though the repeated findings for decades of rigorous research (reviewed by Flegal, 2013) has found that BMI and mortality are only weakly correlated, and that higher BMI may actually correlate with longevity… Continue reading

  • Kickstarter, Storytelling, and A Kitten

    People are talking about Kickstarter a lot.  Indie musician Marian Call, who organizes some of the most organized shows I’ve helped with,  organized a very successful Kickstarter for her first-ever tour of Europe.  And did the tour, and has released the live album that the Kickstarter promised.  Oh…and blogged about it. A lot of it comes… Continue reading

  • Things to Read

    If you can (not allergic to eggs etc) get your flu shot. Yes, really. The Kindle edition of A Year of Biblical Womanhood: How a Liberated Woman Found Herself Sitting on Her Roof, Covering Her Head, and Calling Her Husband “Master” by Rachel Held Evans is $1.99 right now. I enjoyed it, and not just… Continue reading

  • Things to Read

    Free speech means that yes, you get to say anything you want (with some legal limits regarding libel and slander laws, advocating harm of another person or threatening someone with death or bodily harm, blackmail, all that), but free speech also means that other people get to say what they want, too, whether you like… Continue reading

  • FYI: Things to read & do

    One of video links going around Facebook of Jennifer Livingston linked to The Fat Nutritionist site for more information on fat acceptance. Michelle is handling the sudden influx with her usual grace, but if you want to help her cope with the many comments (or, y’know, just have some busy threads to watch) you might want… Continue reading

  • QOTD: Health

    The debate about what exactly health means goes back to ancient Greece. Does health just mean living a long time? Does it mean feeling strong? Are athletes the epitomy of health? In fact, athletes suffer more injuries and illnesses than the rest of the population because they push themselves so hard. So who represents health? What about spiritual health?… Continue reading

  • Go Away Stalkers

    Online harassers are being discussed again (or maybe it never stopped). I don’t have a solution. I do have a rockin’ dance track for it, though. To quote the artist: “Go Away God Boy” was written in roughly three hours, after a telephone call with my friend the poet Mia Nutick, also known as the… Continue reading

  • Things to Read

    As others have noted, Paul Campos’ piece on how the US “Let’s Move” campaign aids and abets bullying is worth reading.  Besides noting that advocating for “child obesity to be eliminated” paints a “pick on me” sign on anyone who isn’t model-thin, Campos also cites studies that have tried healthy interventions with children in the… Continue reading

  • QOTD: Why Stigmatize Fat Kids?

    From Pattie Thomas’ post at Psychology Today in response to a “Cease to be obese crusade” billboard on how kids should exercise: Why do you have to promote weight loss in order to promote exercise? If you really believe in the calorie in/calorie burned model, promoting exercise and healthy eating for every one would automatically… Continue reading

  • Ban Fat Marriage?

    Yes, I know that Dan Savage’s screed on banning fat marriage is trying to illustrate the point that gay marriage bans are ludicrous.   Fellow Stranger writer Lindy West has already responded with a solid “why fat hate doesn’t work” aimed at those who don’t want to get it, and I don’t disagree with it. However. I do… Continue reading

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