Friday Fun :)

Happy Friday, everyone!  Up here in Seattle the leaves are turning, some are falling, and it’s getting dark at 6pm.  (This may not seem strange to those of you living further south, but it seems like yesterday that it was light until 9pm….)

So, a poll:






One response to “Friday Fun :)”

  1. Patsy Nevins Avatar
    Patsy Nevins

    And it is never too early to think about that. :-) My three-year-old granddaughter & I have been making & putting up decorations for about a month now & I have about a half dozen Halloween-themed shirts in my wardrobe, with a couple more on order from Quacker Factory on QVC. I love autumn, & October & Halloween is about the only holiday I really love. I live in Maine & it is pretty dark at 6 here now too, & not really light until after 7 in the morning.

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