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  • OMG

    I just realized I still have a LiveJournal. Wow. Continue reading

  • A post

    I have installed Habitica again, and setup a system of things to do daily, things that repeat frequently, and occasional to-dos. One is to “Write a blog post”. So. This is a blog post. :) Continue reading

  • Is this still on?

    Heya!  Just checking that posting still works :) Continue reading

  • Hm, maybe I should post more often

    The 2nd-most-recent post on the blog is from February and mentions that I’d gotten my silver Translator badge that week.  I got my gold Translator badge* last week.  Maybe I should post more? Harriet Brown has been writing more about weight and health of late.  The most recent, in Slate, is worth reading (though the comments are… Continue reading

  • I confess – I laughed

    I live in Seattle, which means The Stranger is a local institution. From The Stranger‘s “regrets” of the previous year — a mishmash of errors they made and regret, errors and non-errors they don’t regret, and various other sarcastic local commentary — comes this sarcastic and possibly blasphemous gem: Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior,… Continue reading

  • Ingress

    If you saw my recent tumblr posts you may have thought I’m playing Ingress.  I am. Ingress is many things: an augmented reality game, Google Maps gamified, a walking game, a reason to get outside the house. The game centers around “portals”.  Portals can be gathering places, libraries, churches, unique businesses, or artworks — and, as a… Continue reading

  • Need a laugh?

    This video from The Doubleclicks gave me one today. Growing up isn’t fast In fact it’s so slow you don’t see it happen I turned around one day to find That I worked a job & I had to file taxes But I still like fun And I still like games And I still want… Continue reading

  • It Came From The Search Terms

    Once again, a post inspired by search terms used to reach my site. how much does a woman who wears a 5x weigh This probably depends on the woman’s height, amount of muscle, and how many limbs have been replaced with cybernetics.  Really, some of those are heavy. what are the rules about having to… Continue reading

  • Back from Norwescon!

    As mentioned on Twitter, I was at Norwescon this weekend! One of the most delightful parts was the interview session with special guest Seanan McGuire, who is also Mira Grant.  I don’t have that to share with you, but I do have this from her book tour last fall for her book Parasite (which IS about… Continue reading

  • It Came From The Search Terms

    When you go to a page by searching Google (or whatev) it very nicely let your sites know what you searched on.  WordPress aggregates this for its users.  Some of them are fun. how do morbidly obese people get dressed Once you manage to buy the clothes it’s not all that different…. how some will look if… Continue reading

  • Music Monday

    You have probably heard “Stairway to Heaven”…. Stairway To Heaven performed by Heart with Jason Bonham But have you heard “Railway to Hogwarts“? Continue reading

  • Saturday Ramblings

    1am is still Saturday if you haven’t gone to bed yet, right? Note to self: The expensive twice-daily asthma med works best if the evening dose is 12 hours after the morning dose, not 18 or 20. You carry it with you. Set an alarm on your phone & use it. Don’t just turn it off. Kath posted… Continue reading

  • Music Monday

    Kathy Mar has been making folk and filk music longer than a lot of people have been around.  She was a professional folksinger and street performer in Denver before she discovered filk, the music of science fiction & fantasy fandom.  She’s gone on to record several filk albums and won awards in filk music. And… Continue reading

  • It Came From the Search Terms

    how does 400 pound have sex 400 pound what? If you mean £400 I’m not sure. blogs about being obese Hi! what to do super morbidly obese What do you want to do? what size is 6x plus Oh dear, plus size sizing is NOT for the weak.  For example, I wear 5x at Making… Continue reading

  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year, Happy New Year, May we all have a vision Now and then of a world Where every neighbor is a friend Happy New Year, Happy New Year Continue reading

  • Try Some New Music

    Several indie artists put together a sampler of music — over 70 tracks — to try. Some of it is music I’ve loved for years. “Firebird’s Child” “Light Heart” “Salad of Doom” “Tam Lin” “The Cthulhu Colada Song” “The Holly & The Ivy” “Two Guys Kissin’ Ruined My Life” “WinterTide” “Witches’ Rune” Others are new… Continue reading

  • Love Song for Internet Trolls

    From The Doubleclicks: It is snarky and silly and fun. I love you, even though you’re a commenter from hell the predictable way you don’t know how to spell and you’re hateful disgusting, ungrateful like you don’t understand, other people have feelings I feel like you don’t even know if you don’t enjoy a youtube… Continue reading

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