Maybe I’m a zombie?

From an IM conversation about this morning’s post

Me: Do you think I’m a zombie?
D: Where’d the zombie bit come in?
D: you aren’t trying to eat my brains. although, pieces of you did fall off this weekend.*
Me: well, WW says I’m not living, but I’m not dead yet.  So, am I undead?
D: I don’t think I’ll even dignify that with an answer.

WW thinks I can’t be living, because I’m fat. So maybe I’m a zombie? Or maybe a vampire.  Only instead of drinking blood like a normal vampire, I’m feeding off of … oh, it’s unspeakable … I eat … (shudder) … food.  I eat FOOD.  OMG how terrible!!!!

(I most sincerely hope I have not offended any zombies or vampires with this post.)







2 responses to “Maybe I’m a zombie?”

  1. Patsy Nevins Avatar
    Patsy Nevins

    This is a funny post & it reminds me of Charlaine Harris’s excellent Sookie Stackhouse novels (though I wish that she had some fat vampires &, for a woman who is, judging from her photographs, probably fat herself, she could stand to be more fat positive). It is also appropriate for the season. You are a vampire & I am that other thing which doesn’t exist, a fat witch. :-)

  2. Zee Avatar

    *cuts on “Thriller”* How fitting, given the season. Nothing else to say except that you, your writing style, and your blog are full of awesomeness!

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