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Day in the Life: Too Much Bum Glue?

[One of the occasional series of posts about my typical day.]

As noted elsewhere, my job requires bum glue.  If a task is going well, I can get a lot done in an hour or two.  But when I get up, well, maybe it’s a fat thing, maybe it’s an over-40 thing, but I feel stiff.  It may take 6 or 8 steps before my gait relaxes into “normal”.   Once I’m moving I’m fine, but the transition feels awkward in the “Eep!  Is-anyone-noticing?” way.

Yes, I’ve heard of the “treadmill desk” idea (most recently spacedcowgirl wrote on it).  I also know people who use a stationary bike while they play video games.  I sometimes use a  “mini-bike” exerciser while reading or watching TV, and I suppose I could, technically, use a computer too.  But there’s some problems with the idea.

  1. The idea is to be less stiff.  Biking through 30-Minute Meals has me walking funny, too!
  2. I tried using my computer while on a stationary bike and found I don’t multitask pedaling and typing well.  Dropping my efficiency and performance level at work is SO Not A Good Idea.

What do I do?  Here’s some things I do, in rough order of frequency:

  1. Set a timer to remind me to get up and stretch….
  2. …and/or top off coffee/water/tea.
  3. If it makes sense, sometimes go talk to a coworker instead of calling or sending email.  (Drawback: Assumes I have time, coworker at their desk, etc.)
  4. Go for a walk during lunch.  (Drawback: Requires extracting myself from the nest, may encourage the idea that I don’t have enough to do.)
  5. Walk to the nearby coffee shop for a mocha instead of just getting coffee.  (Drawback: Extracting myself from the nest, $).
  6. Our new office has some decks but no deck furniture.  My boss and I had our weekly “touch base” meeting standing out in the sunshine this week.  :)

Some things I’ve thought of but haven’t tried:

  • Stand up during phone calls and stretch.  (Don’t make many, actually, but this will change)
  • Go to the other floor to use the bathroom. (Well, once it’s no longer under construction)

Other ideas?

3 responses to “Day in the Life: Too Much Bum Glue?”

  1. My job requires bum glue too, with the added bonus of being at home where it doesn’t matter if I look funny when I finally get up. Have you considered stretching your legs and hips at your desk? It’s pretty easy — just kick your legs out as far as they’ll go while you sit; swing your legs back and forth at the knee a few times; spread your legs a bit while you sit, then tighten your thigh muscles and move them back with resistance. Rotate your ankles a few times while your legs are kicked out. Pull your legs way back until they’re tucked under the seat. Stuff like that.

    It sounds a little silly, but it helps. Another thing that helps is doing seated spine stretches — just pull your shoulders back and drop your shoulder blades, then use your core muscles to straighten your posture and bend back and forth slightly at the waist. It won’t solve all your problems, but it keeps the stiffness at bay for a while longer. :)

  2. After sitting at my desk for even just ten to twenty minutes it usually takes me at least a few steps to get my ankles to move the way they’re supposed to… or after watching TV or playing video games as well.

    I haven’t really done anything to fix it yet, but stretching your legs and ankles while you’re reading over material at your desk sounds like a good idea…

    Or standing up and moving around in your cube / standing on your tiptoes while you’re not using the computer or reading whatever material you read.

    Most of the stuff we do hunched over our desks we can do standing up…

  3. It helps me that I have a fancy chair I can lean back in.

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