November 7th’s “Between Friends” had me laughing.

Saleswoman, smiling: I brought some more bras for you to try.
Susan: Uh…Look — these are all nice and frilly and colorful, but —
Susan: Do you think you could find me something in basic white that’s comfortable and has good support?
Saleswoman, resigned: (thought bubble) Man, these over-forty chicks…where do they get their priorities?

My personal bra bugaboos are avoiding thin straps, avoiding too much weight on the straps (which means I tend to go tighter around the torso) and wanting serious “hoist and separate”. I tolerate underwires fine. I also tend to want bras that won’t draw attention to themselves under clothing, so I mostly wear white and beige with an occasional black bra. My workhorse bra is style #7101 from Venus by Cortland in 46DDD.

I do have a collection of colorful, lacy, frilly bras that are only comfortable for an hour or two, which I call “date bras” since they were designed for taking off  :)  I haven’t worn most of them in years so I should probably weed them out.

What are your overall priorities?

(As noted in the comments, I do tend to break it down further when shopping – motion control, lift & separate, looks, comfort – and comfort has its own variations too.  I’m fine with underwires but I know for others it’s a deal-breaker.  Et Cetera ;)






11 responses to “Bras”

  1. vesta44 Avatar

    It’s too bad that bigger bras only come in those 2 choices, comfortable and supportive or pretty and lacy. And forget about finding the second choice if you wear a 52H. Industrial is all they make for those of us with serious racks of doom, unless you want to pay a couple hundred dollars to have a sexy, comfortable, supportive bra custom-made (and I sure can’t afford that).

  2. living400lbs Avatar

    Oh yeah, Vesta. I can find “pretty” in DDD/F and even G now, but it’s hard, and it used to be impossible. And I’m only in the 44/46 range, 52 is worse.

    I confess I did try to go for broad simplicity with the poll. I tend to break it down to #1 lift & separate, #2 comfort, #3 looks for everyday bras, and #1 motion control, #2 comfort, #3 lift & separate for sports bras…which is why my sports bras tend to give me the dreaded uniboob!

  3. CordyQ Avatar

    considering I don’t have anyone to wear pretty date bras for that are meant to be taken off I definitely go for the comfort option lol. Whatever man in the future who has the misfortune of getting involved with me is going to be sorely disappointed rofl!

  4. living400lbs Avatar

    CordyQ – I’ve found some men like the pretty wrappings and others just find them to be “in the way” … the latter won’t care, and if you end up with one of the former you can worry about it then :)

  5. Mich Avatar

    Underwire and as pretty as I can find on the clearance rack for everyday, non-underwire compression for training. In the latter category: GapBody High Impact Sports bra (up to 38DD/40D, unfortunately) is the current favorite. I like pretty, but find that, with very rare exceptions, pretty=uncomfortable at every size I’ve ever been.

  6. Stef Avatar

    My priority is comfort. I rarely wear bras (one of the perqs of being a pear/apple/eggplant shaped fat woman). When I need not to look like an earthgoddess/hippie type, I wear Decent Exposures sports bras.

    No one who got the opportunity to be present at the removal of whatever was covering my boobs has ever complained about my bra or lack thereof. ;)

  7. living400lbs Avatar

    No one who got the opportunity to be present at the removal of whatever was covering my boobs has ever complained about my bra or lack thereof. ;)

    True that, Stef! But I have noticed some guys seem to enjoy the “unwrapping” more, and are more likely go bring gifts of the lacy sort :)

  8. Becky Avatar

    Depends on the context! For every day I prioritize comfort, but I also have some pretty lacy bras for days/nights when I feel like dressing up for my man (who doesn’t complain about the plain bras but does appreciate when I wear the nice ones). For those of us with small ribcages, large breasts and lots of disposable income, I find Freya balconette and plunge bras to be quite comfortable for pretty lace bras – they don’t give quite as much lift as some bras but they’re comfortable enough that I can wear them all day no problem. I’m actually having more trouble finding every day bras lately – the Fantasie tshirt bras I used to wear stop at a G cup and I’m up to a GG or H.

  9. ChloeMireille Avatar

    I used to care about pretty. Now all I care about is lift. I have a very short torso, and I’m all boob. (44H/I/J depending on the cut and brand.) So my mission is to keep the girls up and away from their “at ease” position on my natural waist.

    I just wait until Lane Bryant has a Gift Cheque for me and use that on bras when I make the long trek to the only one that carries extended sizes in the entire Houston area.

    Also, I’ve never been professionally measured. I just have a second pair of hands and eyes to help take my own. It hasn’t failed me yet. I’m technically a 44 I, but I wear an H at LB because there’s a DDD and an F, so that knocks everything off by one.

  10. lizzylightsafire Avatar

    (yep, late, but i just joined the party.)

    I wear a 44/46 DD/DDD depending on the bra. and the maker, and whether they try to put lace on it.

    the hubs likes my bra and panties to match. so there’s lots of black. he doesn’t much care what the black looks like.

    I aim for lift and separate, comfort is a given. if its not comfortable around my torso or there’s lace that itches, its a nonstarter even before i seriously contemplate it. and comfy straps, because damnit, i don’t want perma-dents in my shoulders.

  11. Stephanie Avatar

    Hi Ladies, I just found this website today… I’m a pretty big gal and I finally found a place to get my bra’s I live in IL and just across at the river from us ((about two hour drive)) there is a bra shop and they have cup sizes up to I think a N, and the band size is 58 I just wanted to leave the Link here for you all.. they are wonderful women to help with sizing over the phone and if you go into the store they give free fittings and help make sure you get the right size. if you have questions they can help out I am sure.. they have three stores and getting ready to open two more in other states.. I have not been disappointed yet..

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