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  • Check the manufacturer’s info

    When I got my compression stockings I thought I did a good job learning about them. We went over measuring for them, finding ones that would stay up (silicone “beads” on the tops help) and hand wash only. Then I read the manufacturer’s Frequently Asked Questions and found they ARE machine-washable! D’oh…. I will be… Continue reading

  • I suppose I should be glad…

    I look at clothes and think of how they’re like other clothes that I already have. Do I need more clothes? Or do I need to do laundry more often? Sadly, “just wash clothes more frequently” is the easiest option… Continue reading

  • Cold Cold Cold

    It’s cold for the Seattle area, which is to say, below freezing for days at a time. Fortunately we don’t have to go out much – so far there’s been a few forays to the freezer in the detached garage, but that’s it.  We have power and hot water. And yet I’m dressing differently. It’s colder… Continue reading

  • Dating!

    I’m Somebody’s Fetish I’d been married for years when I started this blog.  That may be why I don’t post about dating much.  But I ran across this blog post and it said a lot of things I agree with. [It’s] perfectly cool if you don’t find fat people attractive. Anyone who tells you that… Continue reading

  • “We Love Colors” Tights

    I finally got some “We Love Colors” Tights, and yes, I got them from Amazon. I was very pleased that they’re bright and not sheer. They definitely jazzed up my dress and got a lot of happy comments. I got the size “EE”, which is for “5’5″ – 6’0″ and 320-375 lbs”. I’m 5’8″, so… Continue reading

  • So…Clothes

    The “What if you’re too big for Lane Bryant” post appears to be permanently hanging in the “Top Posts & Pages” list, I swear. Yes, I am still (mostly) too fat for LB, though I do sometimes get bras and tees there (and Seanan McGuire helpfully tweeted today that it’s “buy 2, get 2 free” bra… Continue reading

  • Secondhand Buyer Beware

    Hopefully this isn’t really news to you, but … I dutifully logged into eBay to change my password — granted my address etc are still in the hands of hackers, but it seemed the thing to do anyway, so I did — and started looking for clothing because, hey, why not? I have had good… Continue reading

  • Wednesday Trying to be Monday

    Good: Wearing nifty IGIGI dress from Gwynnie Bee. Bad: Turned my left ankle and fell in my driveway this morning. Good: Ankle feels okay. Bad: Right hip & knee, which I actually fell on, are sore. Good: Hubby brushed off dress.  Bad: Headache. Good: Five compliments on the dress at work today. And it has… Continue reading

  • It Came From the Search Terms

    how does 400 pound have sex 400 pound what? If you mean £400 I’m not sure. blogs about being obese Hi! what to do super morbidly obese What do you want to do? what size is 6x plus Oh dear, plus size sizing is NOT for the weak.  For example, I wear 5x at Making… Continue reading

  • Quotes on Clothing

    “If you don’t grow up ever seeing members of your community wearing suits or expensive clothes, it’s easy to see those who wear these things as members of an exclusive group you can’t break into.” — Kris Gale in the NY Times  “[P]erception is often reality. If you dress, act, and sound like a competent professional,… Continue reading

  • This Shouldn’t Give Me A Headache

    But it’s trying. Dear, My name is Lisa. I have been following your blog  from quite some time now and thoroughly enjoy every post of yours. Well, after reading through your blog, I think you would be interested in having a look at our recently launched infographic “America’s Battle With Obesity”([link to typical FEAR The Obesity… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    [An occasional exercise in gratitude] It’s Thursday and I’m thankful for…. I belong to a church where women wearing pants to church is common.  As are women in leadership.  1-year anniversary at work.  My signing bonus is now all mine, instead of something I have to pay back if I leave.  Also I get another week’s vacation… Continue reading

  • What If You’re Too Big For Lane Bryant?

    Ah, the eternal question.  What if you’re too big for plus size stores?   In the US, LB is one of the most common plus size stores, going up to a US size 28.  I’m too big for most of their clothes. Today I’m going to not just talk about places I can buy clothes.… Continue reading

  • Superfat Fears

    I’ve written before that I can’t always count on finding clothing in local, physical stores in my size. Last night’s dream?  I was hours from home and somehow didn’t have my pants.  I had bra, panties, and a top – but no bottoms. And no stores had my size*.   In the dream I was in… Continue reading

  • Thankful Thursday

    Things that I am thankful for: 1 The man of the house packed a yummy lunch for me today.  He also cooked each night I was home this week. 2 AC. Most houses in Seattle don’t have AC.  I don’t regret installing ours, even if we barely used it last year. 3 A job where… Continue reading

  • Death of a Bra

    Two, actually.  In the last week two if the three Lilyette 908 size 44DDDs I have been wearing died. One snapped an underwire right in the middle.  The other has a hole in a strategic place: But it’s not just the bras I’ve been wearing.  Several stores have told me the Lilyette 908 is discontinued.… Continue reading

  • Monday…yeah, I guess it is…

    Nothing like meeting and interviewing 6 5 4 3 job candidates in different buildings after a 1-hour whirlwind meeting to make me feel scattered.  I did pull it together, though, and I think I did a good job of interviewing.  I tend to dress a little more on the “business” side of business casual when I… Continue reading

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