Work was stressful today.  I came home feeling out of sorts.  Mentally I was punchy; I knew my thinking was a bit slower than usual, but I was still obsessing about work.   Physically I was wired – not only was I was busy enough at work that I ‘d forgotten my afternoon walk,  but after dinner I’d sampled the candy my coworkers brought in.  I wasn’t sure I’d even sleep tonight. 

An hour later I felt quite calm and relaxed.  What happened?  

  • I vented some of the stuff that was frustrating me with the man of the house.  His reassurance helped me to let go of some of the frustration. 
  • I did my weight-lifting routine.  Lifting heavy things is a good way to tire some muscles.   I also find the process of lifting weights ( focusing on engaging each set of muscles & counting reps) to be similar to meditation in how it calms my mind.  
  • I held some yoga poses, 5-10 breaths each – cobra, side twists, child pose, cat/dog pose.  Again, the focus and movement was helpful. 
  • Stretches – sides, hamstrings & quads.   

By that point I felt much better.  Not only relaxed, but centered and at home.  Since then I’ve sipped a glass of white wine while I visited the Shapely Prose community site & written this post.  Now it’s time for a bath & bed. 

 Since the worst kind of stress is chronic, the key is to focus on stress relief every day, and not just on weekends, say stress researchers. – NY Times

How do you like to de-stress?



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One response to “De-stressing”

  1. Anita Avatar

    I do some writing, and watch dramas and weight lift. And play computer games. And sometimes I make soup. Mmm, soup.
    Oh, and talk to my mum.

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