January O: Diet As Usual

The January O Magazine arrived in the mail today.  It seemed to have a few more diet-and-weight focused articles than usual: 

  1. A “Let’s Eat Right” article on eating healthy, aka “good foods instead of bad”; 
  2. A “Numbers to Worry About” article that included that women should have a 32.5-inch waist; 
  3. Oprah’s “Got heart palpitations due to hyperthyroid then hypothyroid then depressed and oh yeah I got fat which I hate and now I’m exercising and eating better and aiming for feeling good not thin” article; 
  4. Her trainer Bob Greene on “how dieters don’t have to gain back what they lost” (obviously he’s not reading the research here); 

No mention of Linda Bacon’s book Health At Every Size.   So I was wrong in thinking it might be in the January issue.  (Hm, February? March? ;)







5 responses to “January O: Diet As Usual”

  1. Marshmallow Avatar

    No mention of Linda Bacon’s book Health At Every Size. So I was wrong in thinking it might be in the January issue ;)

    A crying shame, really.

  2. Louise Avatar

    Sounds like Oprah has a case of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition where antibodies attack the thyroid. They wax and wane, so you can by hyper one month, hypo the next. Eventually the antibodies can completely destroy your thyroid hormone production and then your labs show up with no antibodies at all because there’s nothing to attack. It sounds to me as if she needs much better help with her thyroid than she is getting. She is also at higher risk of other autoimmune conditions such as Celiac disease, autoimmune B12 deficiency (pernicious anemia), lupus, and so on. Even adult-onset type 1 diabetes!

  3. ChloeMireille Avatar

    I’m not completely giving up yet. The January issue of a magazine is usually assembled in early December or late November, even sooner if it’s a double Dec./Jan. issue. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for February.

  4. living400lbs Avatar

    ChloeMireille, that’s a good point. I am not discounting Dr Bacon’s email – I think it will be in O at some point. Just wanted to let people know it’s not the January issue :)

  5. Sex Fat and Stigma Avatar

    Really, we need to get Oprah on the HAES bandwagon. Even if its not “I accept my weight,” even “my exercise is more important than the scale” would be a vast improvement over the normal “look what I can do, and ignore the umteenth times that Ive gained it back.”

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