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Snow in Seattle…

[One of the occasional series of posts about my typical day.]

Snow doesn’t happen with huge amounts of frequency here.  We tend to moderate temperatures in general.   Plus, when we have cloud cover it tends to help hold in heat, keeping it too warm for snow…and when it is cold enough for snow, we usually have no clouds! 

This weekend was one of the exceptions.  A light snowfall Saturday night, a serious freeze Sunday, and things seem a bit frosted :)  The new banner photo was taken Sunday – an iced Rhododendron.

snowyrhody1I stayed close to home today, partly because traffic tends to seriously suck when it snows here.  Partly it’s the hilly terrain, partly it’s that our snow is very wet and that it tends to be just cold enough to snow (so it’ll start to melt then refreeze into ice) & partly it’s because it only snows for a few days a year – so the cities/counties don’t really stock up on road-clearing equipment & supplies.  :)   Get up into the mountains or Eastern Washington, where snowpack is routine, and it’s still less icy, and more likely to be sanded/plowed.

2 responses to “Snow in Seattle…”

  1. Seattle has some wonderful weather, and it can surprise you. I lived in Renton back in ’76, and we went into Seatlle one day in March. The sun was shining, it was fairly warm for that time of year, and in the space of 15 minutes, we ran into rain, hail, and snow (and the sun was shining the whole time!). We sat in the car and laughed over it, because it was so unusual to see that combination of conditions in Seattle on a sunny day heading into spring.
    Right now, I wish I was back there. Here in MN (near St Cloud), we have 4 inches of snow, high winds, and it’s colder than a welldigger’s ass in January (-10 degrees right now).

  2. Brrr! My dad used to commute to his job in Renton from our house just north of Seattle (now Shoreline) so I realize that’s not far at all :)

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