DayintheLife: Vacation Day

[One of the occasional series of posts about my typical day.]

Monday was a use-up-my-vacation-by-the-end-of-the-year day.  So I spent the day on the couch eating baby-flavored donuts so as to keep from inadvertently losing weight, right?

Actually?  I was feeling a bit blah Monday morning. I got up about 8:15 and was out the door by 8:40 to keep the man of the house company at his dental appointment. Then we returned library books & made brunch.  He settled at his computer to work; I went for a walk & some  grocery shopping, then came home to vacuuming, laundry, dishes, getting garbage & recycling ready for pickup, and making dinner.  A couple friends came over for dinner too.  

I also finished re-reading Rita Mae Brown’s Hotspur and noodled on the computer. :) 

More festive was a couple weeks ago when we went downtown to have lunch at Uwajimaya, walk the Seattle Central Library’s book spiral, check out the fancy trees in the Olympic, and gawk at The Bon’s Macy’s star.   (Photo here.)

Yes, I am making a conscious effort to get outside and get exercise these days.   It’s not that I expect it to make me thinner; it’s because it feels good to have exercised, and the only way to have exercised is to do it.   It also helps, and I do mean seriously helps, me to avoid the “It’s always dark and never light and I hate wintersemi-depression so common to those of us above latitude 47!






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  1. Noel Avatar

    Baby flavored doughnuts?


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