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Great Resolution Idea

This week, the comic strip character Betty asked her husband Bub what his resolutions would be for 2009. He feels that to make resolutions for 2009 would involve breaking his 2008 resolution to stop being critical of himself.   Tuesday explored this a bit more: 

Bettys husband resolves to be less self-critical
Bub resolves to be less self-critical

Betty: Your resolution last year was to stop being critical of yourself?

Bub: Yes.   Of all the resolutions I’ve made over the years, it’s the first one I’ve managed to keep.  It’s also the only one that made me happier right away. 

Betty: Wow!

I thought it was a fun turn on all the talk of resolutions :)

2 responses to “Great Resolution Idea”

  1. Good resolution fluff! Part of the reason I avoid resolutions is that they always seem pregnant with defeat to me. So I make predictions instead ( But a resolution like Bub’s, well, that’s another matter altogether. Cheers!

  2. I resolve not to step on the scale for the entire year. I want to break this addiction. And I want to find a new measure of success or failure.

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