Breaking out in hives…

Not sure why, but  I’ve got itchy red bumps on my chest and the bottom half of my face, and right eye feels swollen.  

There isn’t much that’s only touched my chest and face, other than my facial moisturizer, which I have stopped using just in case that’s the cause.  I’m taking enough Benedryl and Claritin to make me want to fall asleep, and using Benedryl cream on the hives too. 

In the meantime, my acrylic sweaters are suddenly so scratchy they might as well be spun fiberglass insulation.  My poly/cotton tees are sandpapery.  But the all-cotton tie-dye tops I got from Roaman’s and are wonderfully soft, so soft that despite their icky business practices I checked to see if they still have them for sale.  

Which they don’t.  

Oh well.  It’s probably for the best.  My other all-cotton stuff is working too … guess I’m going to be all-cotton girl for a while.







3 responses to “Breaking out in hives…”

  1. Katia Avatar

    This sounds a little like what happened when I got shingles — clothing that previously felt fine started feeling like sandpaper. If this is shingles there is medicine that helps. A lot. If these bumps are all on the same side of your body I’d really be suspicious that this might be shingles.

  2. living400lbs Avatar

    They’re pretty much on the center of my chest, chin, and going almost up to my eyes on both sides of my face. So not on left or right – just on front :)

  3. Katia Avatar

    Well, that doesn’t sound like what I had. Mine were all on one side. But they sound pretty awful — I hope they go away soon.

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