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Playing with Wordle

Wordle Image of 5 Most-Views Posts

Wordle Image of 5 Most-Views Posts


I was reminded of Wordle, a creation of the IBM Research Visual Communication Lab.   Above is an image of the 5 most-viewed-of-all-time posts from Living ~400.   Below is a bunch of the most recent comments.  What do you think? 

From the comments RSS feed.
From the comments RSS feed.

3 responses to “Playing with Wordle”

  1. I like the way the top one appears to say “also fat”. It’s as if it’s just a side note. I wish it was.

  2. Ooh, shiny. I love Wordle. :D

    It amuses me how big “also” is … and where does the giant “stress” come from?? Hehe.

  3. It’s interesting. My first thought, incurable t-shirt collector that I am, is that they looked like t-shirt designs, the first one in particular. And it seems appropriate that ‘stress’ is a giant, since it frequently is in many, if not all, of our lives.

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