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Walking review: Pike Place Market

Since the knee has been bothering me lately, I’ve been making more of an effort to go for walks. The physical therapist I worked with during my prior knee episode recommended that I walk on a treadmill* at least part of the time because the uniform speed and surface let me walk at a very predictable, steady pace. But, of course, the best place to walk is the place you will walk … and I’d been walking on a treadmill in my employer’s office park’s gym for most of the week.

Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market

So when the man of the house suggested an outing to the Pike Place Market on Saturday, I was up for it.   We wandered through most of the main arcade, including the open-air portion, gawking at paintings, art glass, dried flowers, woodcarvings, metalworked jewelry, glass jewelry, handknit sweaters, handpainted shirts, fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, honey, jams, jellies, and so on.  

It was an almost perfect contrast with a treadmill.  

Treadmill Market
Solitary Crowded
Static environment Varied environment
Uniform pace Varied pace
Flat Sloped

I’d forgotten that the main arcade floor was built with deliberate slopes to direct rain and stall-washing runoff. You’re not just walking uphill, but often leaning down to the right or left. Overall I think the hour or so walking was beneficial … but I was glad I had an icepack waiting at home. :)

*Yes, that which makes the treadmill boring also makes it useful.

7 responses to “Walking review: Pike Place Market”

  1. Until your knee is feeling better I highly suggest walking Belltown there aren’t so many weird inclines and leaning. If I’m not running through the area to get to work I love strolling and window gazing through the area behind Elliot Bay Books. There are some neat galleries and stuff to peek into back there.

    1. That’s a thought, I really haven’t walked much in Belltown.

      This morning it was back to the treadmill. At least I remembered my iPod this time :)

      1. I will warn you, you might have to put your hipster blinders on. Unless you’re walking during the day then there’s not so much of the hipster/annoying action.

        I have been avoiding Pike Place like the plague last time I went I seriously got knocked over not once but twice. I know I’m short but I’m not that short.

  2. Those stairs at Pike Place are always the worst for me. I love going there, but hate the crowds, so I usually go when it’s cold and rainy, Did you buy anything good?
    I just got my treadmill back in the house (from the garage) and am enjoying it once again, but my left knee now “clicks” when I climb the stairs. I was shooting baskets with my 8 yr old daughter and the ball started to roll so I kicked it with my foot, only to have my foot land ON the ball, which made me roll with it. Long story short, I landed hard on my right knee cap while my left knee got twisted out to the side, now I click. I’m thinking about getting a knee wrap or brace….do you wear one??

    1. We avoided the stairs totally. I’m okay going up stairs slowly right now, but the bad knee isn’t so good at supporting my weight going down.

      I found a t-shirt painted with poppies :)

      I don’t have a wrap or brace. I am sticking to the exercises that the physical therapist recommended – if this wasn’t so similar to the problem I had last year I would probably have gone to the doc to get it checked out and for a referral for more PT. Did you get your leg checked out? *worries*

      1. Why is it always the going down the stairs that’s more difficult? The clicking I hear is most prominent when I climb the stairs though…one…at…a…time. ha ha

        That tshirt sounds sweet…I love poppies. Bright red ones.

        I have put off seeing the dr and here are my reasons: a) I dont have real pain, just “discomfort”
        b) It didn’t swell much and is only occasionally “hot” to the touch (from overuse).
        c) If any of the above change, or any signs of worsening, I will be on the phone with the dr. I adopted this philosophy of “waiting” when I realized through other medical issues I had in the past, that doctor’s can’t always identify a problem. Many tests, MRIs, scans I had in my 30’s resulted in no clear diagnosis, so now I wait. Obvious signs of illness I don’t hesitate about seeing the dr (especially pain or infections), but other issues I have a wait and see policy. Does that make sense?

  3. Coincidentally, back in 2009 when this blog was written my spouse and I were in Seattle and tried to visit Pike Place market. We walked all around and followed signs and never found the actual market! We were completely tuckered out by all the steep hills and stairs. Eventually we went back to our hotel in defeat.

    Still, Seattle was fun. (We really enjoyed the art gallery there.) It’s just not really a walking-city like Vancouver, BC.

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